This page is of a slightly different nature


Adventures from holiday, laughter from childhood, tingling from an event - memories should not remain in a stored place. A BOOK I will take with me, borrow it or make a lovely present! The photo books, which I was also allowed to make for people I didn't know, are very popular.


Join with me my journey & experiences in an authentic, original Africa; In Mwanza, situated at the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Six months I lived, worked, laughed there and faced challenges. Today I travel there again whenever possible. My experiences are special, funny and cultural explanatory. The unexpected encounters of all kinds with humans and animals were just as unpredictable as the love story that happened. With the sales proceeds of the book I take over meals for the street children...


My personal culinary highlights (own compositions and receipies from all over the world) are collected in cookook. My nearest environment cooks out from it. I will gladly replace one, two or three recipes with your specialities and complete the book with your dedication and name. Perfectly suited as a gift.


Words are mine. If I can offer  anysupport for a text, a story or a project, I would love to!


As an experienced secretary in the higher segment, I am happy to support you with your project. Administrative, travel organization (also large group trips worldwide), marketing activities, texts, cleaning up. Leading. Accompanying. As an organizational talent and with the right ideas & concepts, I take over the work that you don't like or where you need support.  I always have my workplace with me.


If a missing companion prevents you from not experiencing your dreams and excursions, then I will gladly accompany you. This can be on an hourly basis, as well as for a few days/week (if the journey is to continue).


The diary from Tanzania is one thing. The poststories the other... And in between I feel like recording more: