This is me

This is me, Andrea Shija'Estrana. A completely normal woman and as unique as every being on this earth. My personal paths - sometimes stone-laden and winding - leded me here.

It touches me deeply when I am allowed to accompany people on their way & see them blooming. If the strenuous world of though can take a break, the process of becoming healthy in body, mind and soul is something wonderful - and also demanding. The way there should be deeply relaxed and gentle, so that self-healing powers and energies can come into force in the right measure.

It is a beautiful gift to discover yourself - again or anew - detached from the stress of everyday life and to let go of the old. In this way we can unfold our talents and enrich and experience our own web in this world.

I am looking forward to meet you!

  • AUNDA Healing according Attilio Ferrara
  • Master of Bionenergy - Diploma, OMSP certified (Organisation mundial de la salud publica/World Organisation for Public Health)
  • Freestyle Remote Viewing (Martin Zoller, Mentalist); Psychological Consultant
  • Access Consciousness
  • R.E.S.E.T. jaw balance according to Philip RaffertyⓇ
  • Spiritual Teacher (Bernardi Coach Profile) - Diploma; Path into Light according Agni Frank Eickermann
  • NLP Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Graphology; Theory of Colours according to Peter Mandel
  • Psychology seminars (with Dr. med. Werner Borter, Gustav Käser International, Lilo Schwarz, graduate industrial psychologist)
  • Basic commercial training with various specialist further training courses