Massages and treatments

For all methods I can visit you in your home or come into your office. We can also meet on a meadow outside, or doing a hiking coaching talk, etc....


The Access treatments, feel in the modest way like a wonderful massage, and life boosted is transforming into something greater in lightness. Mein Access 

Access (Face-)Lifting: through the restart-treading of certain energies and the specific handles, Cosmic Botox becomes active. Face, neck & décolleté become tight and radiant. You may wonder how your bust gains in beauty as well!

Access Eye Process (Correcting Vision): Also by running energies, vision is activated. The vision becomes clearer, the ability to see larger, existing debility of sight decrease.

Access Bars (mind/brain massage/relaxation) helps many aspects of the body & life. Through targeted stimulation of specific points on the head, the flow of life is regulated (e.g. sleep, health, weight, money, fears, stress).

AUNDA Healing according Attilio Ferrara.

Simpel spiritual healings with golden frequency. With the divine vibration the origin of the imbalance in the whole body will be dissolved (acute and chronic suffering). The healing happens on all levels The unconditional love lets self-healing powers and growth happen. "Cleansing" can also be done in houses and squares. Heilerverzeichnis weltweit

RESET KIEFERBALANCE ® according to Philipp Rafferty.

"I bite my teeth together", "You keep your mouth shut", "I can no longer hear it". Such and other stress traumas (experiences, pain, diseases/accidents, medical interventions) nest in the jaw joint. The consequences are, for example, grinding of teeth, neck problems, tinnitus, difficulties with chewing, etc.

Overall, the jaw influences the body, including the entire skeleton, muscles, meridians, nervous system and water balance. Even the slightest tension of the jaw muscles can change the normal, balanced positions. RESET specifically loosens the muscles, releases stored emotional stress and physical blockages. Through a relaxed jaw musculature and a balanced jaw joint, life can flow again. Performable lying or sitting.

A tensed jaw is often the cause of
. Tinnitus, gnashing of teeth
. Migraine, headaches
- Facial neuralgia, tense shoulders/neck
- Learning difficulties
. Blisters, digestive problems

DISCONDER-DEVICE (21 Tage-Therapie)

Quantum therapy to increase well-being and emotional intelligence - for the whole family. The evaluation of conflicts, beliefs, behavioral patterns, the influence of global consciousness are harmonized using frequencies and frequency spectra of homeopathy, herbs, Bach flowers, spagyric, stones, colors, planetary tones. The information is received via the skin into the energy system of the body, transferred to the abdominal and head brain. There it decodes and processes the human energetic system. Application for dysbalance, learning blockades, learning languages, exam fears, addiction problems, liberation from psychological and psychological fears and blockades, increase of life energy.


Let yourself be conjured with the long hollow candles to a gently rushing sea or to a crackling campfire. The burning flame creates a negative vacuum, which gently massages the eardrum and creates a physical pressure balance. Blood circulation and energy points get stimulated. This can result in more free nasal breathing and a better olfactory sensibility. The whole ceremony gives you a relaxed feeling of security ... that makes happy!

LIGHT TRAIN SYSTEM according to Trudy Thali.

Chakras and light paths supply the body with life energy. There are moments which the flow of life forces and blocks the subtle channels. The gentle light path treatment is a spiritual holistic meridian therapy: it is based on the traditional Chinese Meridian System and includes the loving support of the healing angels. The gentle method has a relaxing, healing effect on body and soul, harmonizes the living conditions and positively changes the resonance fields. It is a complementary healing method.


Human is a erkennbeing connected to the earth, even if his soul consciousness comes from another level. Crystallization and further treatments enable his development into new levels of consciousness. In the big family universe each one has to fulfil a certain role; this task is often not (yet) recognizable in our everyday life. Through the methods connections are released, which give place to the organ system the knowledge from other levels again.