Generell price per hour                                                               110.-

Reset jaw balance
- Basic package 3 treatments (break 7 to 10 days)                        190.-

Access Consiousness (1h)
- Eye process, correcting vision
- Bars, brain massage/relaxation  (1h)
- (Face-)Lifting, cosmic Botox basic package 3 treatments                  270.-
AUNDA holistic healing session (1h)
DISCONDER-Device (21 days x 12h, incl. preparation)                     450.-
Ear candle ceremony,  incl. 1 pair of ear candles
Light paths (2h), integration of consciousness (2h)                 200.-
Virtual Assistant (Homeoffice), Accompaniment half-/daily/weekly, Ghostwriting, Photo booksPersonal coaching hourly rate in general incl. location determination, therapies, etc.

Half- or (more)day packages with Coaching & Accompaniment

Special: for every new customer who knocks on my door through you, I offer you 20% discount, cumulative, on your next chosen treatment.