Martin Zoller, 47, successful author, seer, remote viewer         www.martinzoller.com
Andrea supported occasionally the back office since about two years as my personal assistant. Her professional competence as a strategic organizer of my agenda, various travel groups and seminar organizations is highly recommendable! She also accompanied trips and events on site. Feedbacks from my customers about Andrea and their contact with them is consistently positive! I also observed, how after an energetic treatment of Andrea the people were more balanced for their well-being. 

Andreas, 50 J. Work agogue/forester, Zürich
Almost a year Andrea accompanied me on my personal way of selfdiscovery in a great coachings here in Switzerland, in Germany and in England Andrea showed me how to continue on my way. And with Access Consciousness and Jaw Balances I found peace and relaxation to be able to think disengaged. But the greatest gift was Andrea herself, her open, professional nature was the key to the positive processing my history. Dear Andrea, thank you that I know you and that you accompany me on my way.

Stephania, Medial Astrologer, Locarno         www.sternenbegegnung.com 
Dear Andrea. We've know each other privately for a while. Since it was my wish to be present to the outside, I asked you to design my own website. Your highly professional way of preparation and your creative expertise have amazed and inspired me at the same time. Your suggestions convinced me, because I felt that you would work out the right thing for me with your sensitivity. I am very satisfied after completion & I can warmly recommend you. The many compliments, which I get with my appearance now, I am very happy. I wish you much more joy with all your talents and gifts, which you give to different people and needs. 

Gladys & Heiner, Ostschweiz
We had a photo book created from our Latin America trip. It's a pleasure now! The design ideas of Andrea and the lovingly, attentively designed pages are really successful. We take the book often to hand and also practically to friends. How will the next travel recollection turn out?

Peter, 55 J, Physiotherapist, Lucerne
I know how tricky the jaw joint is to treat. Andrea's offer of RESET jaw balance came just in time, because I cured myself from a fresh shoulder operation. The treatment was very pleasant, effective & relaxing. However, it unexpectedly did something different: during a hip operation 5 years ago, something seemed to have stuck.

Joanna, 23 J, Logistician, Lucerne
I was surprised how Andrea knows about topics without knowing anything beforehand that they are a problem for me. Today I also like to eat again.  She was also able to release a button from my childhood, so that my terrible examination anxiety is finally over.

Elisa, 38 J, Secretary, Chur
I always like to come back to Andrea. Even if we have agreed on a certain session, there is place for other topics as well. The Access relaxations help me a lot, as well as the coaching moments solve many challenges. Likewise a following remote treatment worked.

Joseph, 38 J, Seller, Aargau
Esteemed Andrea. After our treatment yesterday, 
I talked today to my ex-wife after parent meeting. It was just on another level - I could really say a lot ... Thank you very much for your professional coaching!

Manuel 32 J, Allrounder, St. Gallen
Ciao Andrea. I'm totally relaxed since a long time ago & no longer dreamed so well. In the train back I even got banana cake from a stranger - I thought this is funny - this after you made me aware of the gifts of everyday life.