Peter, 55 J, Physiotherapist
I know how tricky the jaw joint is to treat. Andrea's offer of RESET jaw balance came just in time, because I cured myself from a fresh shoulder operation. The treatment was very pleasant, effective & relaxing. However, it unexpectedly did something different: during a hip operation 5 years ago, something seemed to have stuck.

Joanna, 23 J, Logistician
I was surprised how Andrea knows about topics without knowing anything beforehand that they are a problem for me. Today I also like to eat again.  She was also able to release a button from my childhood, so that my terrible examination anxiety is finally over.

Martin 46 J, Entrepreneur
We had a photo album made of our trip to South America. Wow, what a confirmatory decision! We often take the book to hand and also to friends. It's fun to share this great product. Thanks for your talent, Andrea!

Andreas, 50 J. Work agogue/forester
Since Sunday, after the second treatment, my back tension has been blown away. With this resolution the knee pain disappears now! Thank you, miracle healer...

Elisa, 38 J, Secretary
I always like to come back to Andrea. Even if we have agreed on a certain session, there is room for other topics as well. The Access relaxations help me a lot, as well as the Choaching moments solve many problems. Likewise a following remote treatment worked.

Joseph, 38 J, Seller
Esteemed Andrea
I talked to my ex-wife after parent meeting. We talked about everyday topics and some other things. It was just on another level - I could really say a lot after our talk yesterday... Thank you very much!

Manuel 32 J, Allrounder
Ciao Andrea. I'm totally relaxed for a long time & no longer dreamed so well. in the train I even got banana cake from a stranger - I thought this is funny - this after you made me aware of the gifts of everyday life.